:: Noticias :: Nuevo parche 1.4b para el Pro Cycling Manager

Nuevo parche 1.4b para el Pro Cycling Manager, 9/28/2005 Aqui hay una lista de lo que corregirá el parche 1.4r (en inglés)Patch 1.4R (NEW -not available in 1.4B) "Custom Tour" mode : A player can now create his own tour using existing or personal stages (DATABASE & STAGES) - Casero no longer wears Spanish Champion's jersey - Additional 3D stages (-not available in 1.4B) : 5 stages of Vuelta Valenciana (Thanks Svam !) (MULTIPLAYER) - Season mode playable on LAN or via Internet - 4 new ladder stages (GP of Lombardy, Flèche, Italy 7 and Italy 11) (AI) - Improvement to AI on arrival after descent on hilly races (CAREER) Warning : We would advise against databases with riders who have attributes lower than 50 or above 85. It may provoke strange behaviour in : transfers, results, selection of leaders, ..... etc - Correction to bug on consistency of AI riders in career mode. It should make the game more difficult. - If a rider is promised a given race and then does not obtain it, his morale will drop - Addition of "Morale" column to "Squad" page - Correction to display bugs on season ranking page - Correction to bugs on "Negotiations" page - Correction to bugs on progress during training - Corrections to filter on "Search" page - Correction to some races which had transport costs of 0

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